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For your next construction or renovation project, choose only the best tools for the job. For almost 100 years, Listo Pencil Company has been manufacturing mechanical grease pencils for use in construction projects, restaurants, and several industries where a nontoxic, multi-surface writing tool has proven handy. These refillable grease markers can write on any surface–even under water. They are our most popular products, with refills available in several color variations.

Enjoy reliability and versatility in your writing tool when you use Listo Pencil Company marking pencils for your project. No other marker is more effective or popular for multi-surface writing.

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As a plastic injection molding company, Listo Pencil Company has also been producing quality plastic parts since 1946. We have several of our own captive products, including marking pencils and box cutters, and we continue to offer superior injection molding services to many companies in a wide variety of industries. Shop our online store to order one of our mechanical grease pencils today, or inquire by phone for information about our molding services or our other products.

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